19-year-old sought after shooting parents on Michigan college campus

Two people who weren't students were fatally shot at a Central Michigan University residence hall on Friday, prompting officials to put the campus on lockdown as police searched for a 19-year-old suspect described as armed and dangerous.

Police are looking for the son of a husband and wife who were fatally shot Friday at a residence hall at Central Michigan University, campus officials said.

James Eric Davis Jr., 19, was identified as a suspect in what authorities said was a family-related domestic dispute. It was the nation’s 12th school shooting this year.

The university, in Mount Pleasant, identified the victims as James Eric Davis Sr. and Diva Jeenen Davis, the suspect’s parents.

Campus police spoke with James Davis Jr. on Thursday night, Lt. Larry Klaus with CMU Police said during a news conference.

“At some point in the evening he was transported to McLaren Hospital due to what the officers believed may be a drug-related type incident, an overdose or a bad reaction to drugs. At that point he was released to the hospital staff,” Klaus said.

As for Friday’s shooting, “we’re calling it a family-type domestic issue at this point,” Klaus said.

The shooting happened about 8:30 a.m. Friday on the dorm’s fourth floor.

The victims were from the Chicago suburb of Bellwood where James Davis Sr. was a part-time police officer for 20 years who assisted the department on special occasions.

“He was always there when you asked for him to be there,” Bellwood Police Chief Jiminez Allen said.

Bellwood Mayor Andre Harvey said he thought the parents were picking up their son before spring break.

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