Drought concerns remain in Panhandle

By Justin Walker

Drought conditions have improved in Texas, but some regions are still suffering from lack of moisture.

Drought levels dropped from 71 percent to 55 percent over the past week, according to the Water Weekly report released by the Texas Water Development Board. Dry conditions have cleared up in deep-Northeast Texas when the region received more than 15 inches of rain in February.

Severe conditions in the central portion of the state improved to moderate or abnormally dry levels. Far West Texas, South Texas and the Coastal Bend saw little improvement.

While drought levels improved for a majority of the state, conditions are still concerning in the Panhandle, as extreme drought conditions spread slightly over the past week.

Farmers and ranchers will continue to monitor drought conditions as Texas continues to tread into wildfire season.

According to the fire danger forecast released by the Texas A&M Forest Service, most of the Lone Star State is experiencing moderate to low levels of fire danger. High levels appear in Far West Texas and in the Panhandle. An area of extreme fire danger exists around Amarillo—the same area that has gone without rainfall for an extended period of time.

Despite some positive trends, drought conditions continue to concern farmers and ranchers.

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