GOP is now the Grand New Party

By Brennan Leggett

When the results were coming in last night some struck a deep and sorrowful note in me but many others were joyful and happiness notes. They made our area stop and witness. Even from the noises from the 21 century life.

Some races brought to an end of careers or hard fought dreams. In the end political death came as a friend to those careers and dreams. But I also saw raging hope and fighting for victory in others. With victories where it counted.

Every race I was involved in was personal. As is any race you work. The candidates that won last night earned it and rightfully so. They are our nominees. We must respect them now and fight for them. As well as those who win the few runoffs.

I will be frank when it comes to our Republican Party. We will have many many long months of struggle and suffering. And though we have seen many states and seats at every level fall deeper into the grips of this new radical left fascist party.

Together and only together will we be able to defend our nation at every level and win! So I say this morning to everyone involved in last nights races. Let us come together. Let us unite. We must leave the treasures of the past behind us. And turn to the future.

Our party is new after last night. We are changed. We have the minds that can help us learn from our past and we have those who can take us into the future.

I would say God Bless our GOP or Grand Old Party but we are not that. Instead I have the thrill of invoking our new name and our new identity.

God Bless our GRAND NEW PARTY! Onward Republicans to victory!

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