Victor Leal talks about positive outcome of defeat

By Victor Leal

Editor's Note: After a very spirited and at times brutal campaign against Kel Seliger in the Texas Senate District 31 GOP primary, Victor Leal offered some words of wisdom and inspiration to his supporters on Wednesday morning. Leal talks about the positive outcome of his defeat.

After working a fourteen hour shift at the polls, with tons of volunteers and Fiona, my faithful companion, I came home to my family and a few friends and celebrated an enormous victory last night!

The stories and laughter probably kept the neighbors awake. My siblings poked fun at me because I was laying in my Mom's lap and falling asleep while the numbers and results scrolled across the television screen.

Now you are probably wondering what results I was seeing...well let me tell you:

You all have heard the story of the dash on a tombstone that separates the date of birth from the day of death. That dash tells nothing about the person..yet there is so much contained in it.

I have had the absolute time of my life the past six months. I have met with so many veterans, teachers, students, police and firefighters, young entrepreneurs, senior citizens, struggling single mothers and salt of the earth, hard-working unsung blue collar workers all across this beautiful district.

I have had the distinct and rare blessing to hear about your struggles and learn about your dreams and daily lives.

So many of you now text or call just to check in and to update me about a sick spouse or an award your student won.

If you simply look at the numbers from last night you miss the real story of the sublime soul connections Our Lord has arranged.

There were no tears shed last night except those from laughter. My mom and sister spent the night and we are going out for mani-pedis today. Still celebrating.

How can I possibly begin to thank all of you who knocked on doors, made phone calls, gave generous contributions, wrote letters , prayed and voted? I can't. I can only say thank you and hope you will one day know how great it is that we all fought for a good and noble cause and that we fought gloriously and well.

Today I will be making arrangements to host 53 amazing and inspiring culinary students from Dalhart. I met them a couple of months ago when I taught their class. I asked them to come see me and their teacher contacted me two days ago and said they have been asking about me since that day.

This is the best part; they don't even know I ran for the Senate. They probably wouldn't care. All we know is we connected over tacos and meaningful dialogue where we shared our hearts, hopes and dreams and we can't wait to see each other again.

I will leave you with this thought- politics has now taken too big a place in our lives. It's like the intriusive server at a restaurant that doesnt allow you to enjoy a meal and conversation because they keep interrupting to ask if everything is o.k. .

I look forward to a break from it all. I look forward to conversations over dinner that are about the important issues...the matters of our hearts..the matters of our real lives.

I want you to know how at peace I am...I slept like a baby and am so happy this morning.. surrounded by family and you, my dear friends.

Listen..I don't have to be a senator to love and serve you..I've been doing that with chips and queso all my life.

That forgotten veteran from Hereford who comes to the VA in Amarillo will call me soon. We will break bread at my place and both of us will have a new and dear friend and someone with whom to share our hopes and struggles and dreams . He will know he has a friend who really cares.

The media reports will say we lost last night dear ones but how in the world can one count that as a loss?

You all now know the rest of the story. I love all y'all and thank God he has placed you in my life.

All is well and all manner of things will be well dear ones.

Abba Father thank you for this glorious adventure. You have shown me once again Your unfailing love and protection . Amen

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