Voters of West Texas send message to fringe of the GOP

By Cullin Knutson

Last night the voters of West Texas sent a message to the fringe of the GOP, and I hope they hear it. Leave your attacks, leave you negativity, and leave West Texas alone. The idea that a few wealthy individuals could buy these seats, to control them from the gallery, will not stand!

We must remember that the Texas GOP is not one size fits all. In order to secure the growth and sustainability of the Party in Texas, we need leaders who can compromise, instead of alienate; Foster pro business policies, not expanding the scope of government and present it as conservatism; Fight for the rights of all Texans, not just those who scream the loudest; And most importantly, be able to honorably represent the voters of their districts with thoughtfulness and common sense, not out of fear of retaliation from special interests or people with large bank accounts

It is time to come together, to embrace the ideals of Reagan and fight for our common beliefs, and not fight over the differences. Its also time for Republicans of all walks to get involved on the precinct, county, state, and national level.

The reason these advocacy groups retain power, and have infiltrated the party with this fringe ideology, is due to a lack of diversity of the Republicans that engage in these processes. I call on you to get involved, to serve, to present resolutions, and bring the GOP back to a Party that can accommodate and welcome all.

A great big shout out to the teams that brought victory, and secured common sense conservatism within the House and Senate in West Texas. Congratulations Senator Kel Seliger, Representative Walter T. Price IV, and Representative Ken King, I look forward to watching you all defend our Panhandle values in Austin.

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