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Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson responds to Clappinggate controversy

On Saturday, Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson posted a statement and video on Facebook explaining her perspective of the removal and arrest of a man during a recent City Council meeting.

"There's been some recent discussion about clapping. Clapping isn't the issue. The issue is disruption and intimidation by a small group of citizens who have called for civil disobedience and have tried to hinder business at City Hall.

"Now, a state representative from the Dallas area who is backed by Empower Texans (the same down-state PAC that ruthlessly and falsely attacked State Senator Kel Seliger and Representative Four Price in the Republican Primary) has entered the discussion. We cannot let a small group of citizens keep us from moving our city forward. We cannot let groups like Empower Texans divide us.

"I want to foster an atmosphere where all people are comfortable coming to City Hall and expressing their viewpoints, without disruption, fear of intimidation, or civil disobedience," Nelson posted on Facebook.

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