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Canyon High School students participating in National Student Walkout on Friday

Students from Canyon High School are planning to participate in a National Student Walkout tomorrow on the anniversary of the shooting at Columbine on April 20, 1999. Organizers of the CHS walkout said students will meet in the breezeway at the beginning of the activity period and walkout together at at 10:05 am.

CHS student Lauren Taylor said she started the Canyon chapter of National Student Walkout because she wanted "to make a change here at Canyon."

“This is all about student safety, so if we have students participating, that shows that they’re willing to fight for their own safety. If students start standing up for this kind of stuff, people higher up in our government might start listening," Taylor said.

CHS principal Tim Gilliland said the walkout is "to promote school safety."

“We’re having a walkout to promote school safety, and having the walkout in the north part of the campus is the most unsafe location we have. The backside is the safest location we have.

"It made sense to promote school safety in a safe area," Gilliland said.

"The National Student Walkout is a nationwide protest of our leaders’ failure to pass laws that protect us from gun violence. Mass shootings happen far too frequently in America, and we as a nation have become numb to seeing the news. After each one, the same cycle takes place: the media spend less than a week on the story, politicians offer their “thoughts and prayers,” and nothing ever changes. But after the horrific massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, young Americans are taking matters into their own hands.

"On April 20th, the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, American students will walk out of class and protest.

"Together, we will send a message that we won’t tolerate any more inaction on this issue. And if cowardly politicians fail to act, young people will show them the consequences of letting so many Americans die by voting them out in November.

"It's not known at this time if any other area high schools also plan to participate in the walkout. We will update this story if more area school are participating in the protest," organizers state on the National Student Walkout website.

The Canyon Independent School District and Canyon High School issued a brief statement concerning the walkout.

“Canyon ISD recognizes that students do not shed their rights at the schoolhouse door and that freedom of expression is a cornerstone of a free society,” the district stated in a prepared statement. “But the district may put reasonable restrictions on students’ free speech in order to prevent material and substantial disruption to school operations.

“Canyon ISD has policies and a student code of conduct that follow federal laws that establish the parameters of student expression. The district does not endorse a school walkout or any form of student expression that would interfere with district operations and instruction.

“School safety and the well-being of students and staff are top priorities of the district. However, student expression of their views may only occur in a non-disruptive manner according to the lawful parameters related to freedom of speech, regardless of viewpoint.

“The district does not endorse any type of student expression that would interfere with regular instruction," the CISD said.

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  1. Gilliland should be fired for excusing this. Maybe he should act like the adult and tell the kids to get to class.