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Southwest Airlines jet makes emergency landing

A Southwest Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Philadelphia's airport with what appears to be a damaged engine on Tuesday. Passengers walked off the plane on the tarmac at the airport.

The battered Southwest Airlines jet with a blown engine and smashed window made a perilous emergency landing in Philadelphia on Tuesday, met by emergency vehicles that blasted the surrounding tarmac in safety foam.

One person was hospitalized in critical condition and seven others suffered minor injuries, Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel said. Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 out of New York had 143 passengers and a crew of five onboard, Southwest said in a statement.

Southwest said the Boeing 737-700 left  New York's LaGuardia Airport shortly after 10:30 a.m. ET, bound for Dallas Love Field. The airport said the plane had landed "safely" and that passengers were being brought into the terminal. The cause of the emergency was not immediately released.

The engine, at least one window and the fuselage were damaged, the FAA said.

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