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War of words continues: Texas State Rep. Tony Tinderholt responds to Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson's comments

On Saturday, Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson posted a video on Facebook discussing her views concerning some recent controversial incidents that have happened during the weekly City Council meetings.

In the video, Nelson discussed the recent clapping controversy that lead to the removal and arrest of a Amarillo man during the April 3 City Council meeting. Nelson also discussed the letter she received from Texas State Rep. Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington), who accused the Mayor of an "apparent abuse of power."

"Now, a state representative from the Dallas area who is backed by Empower Texans (the same down-state PAC that ruthlessly and falsely attacked State Senator Kel Seliger and Representative Four Price in the Republican Primary) has entered the discussion. We cannot let a small group of citizens keep us from moving our city forward. We cannot let groups like Empower Texans divide us," Nelson posted on Facebook.

Saying "the people deserve to read both sides," Tinderholt reached out to Amarillo media outlets on Saturday in response to comments Nelson has made about the letter during recent interviews.

"I am the state representative who sent the letter to the mayor. Let me be clear and please don't delete this ..... the people deserve to read both sides.

"1. I emailed and mailed (original document) the mayor a copy 28 hours prior to an official media release. This directly contradicts her statements on some media outlet interviews.

"2. I saw the video on facebook and also saw an article in the star telegram and was disturbed that an elected official would disregard a persons constitutional rights, those same rights that I fought to defend in the U.S. military for 21 years. Nobody contacted me or told me about this, I ran across it online and was absolutely astounded by what I saw.

"3. To attempt to push this off on a PAC (she blames Empower Texans) is a pathetic attempt to divert attention away from her actions which potentially include violations of the open meetings act by telling people that cannot record city council meetings with their phones, discussing city business when not in a public meeting while failing to post, and by purposefully infringing upon peoples first amendment rights (note that moments prior she encouraged people to clap for one topic and then the next moment she had someone arrested because she potentially has a problem with him personally). Regardless of how frustrated she is with him or a small group of people with whom she disagrees, she cannot say “clap now, but don’t clap later when I don’t like or don’t agree with you”.... watch the video from the meeting, it was personal and she was angry.

"This behavior should cause serious concern to all Texans. If allowed and nobody intervenes, it will become the norm and may spread across the state. Elected officials work for the people, not the other way around. We dont live under dictatorships which is exactly what this resembles! This is not personal and I respect the mayors selfless service as an elected official. I do not know much about specific Amarillo politics or elections, who is who or what your current agendas are but I do know that people deserve better both legally and morally from an elected official!" Tinderholt said.

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