Randall County Sheriff’s Office vs Canyon PD jalapeno challenge

The Randall County Sheriff’s Office vs Canyon Police Department jalapeno challenge took place at the Whataburger on Hollywood Road this past Sunday. Whataburger donated a total of $1,500 to the RCSO Employee Assistance Fund.

Randall County Lieutenant Nina Parvin came up with the contest idea and contacted the Whataburger general manager.

"She and I got to talking about what we could do to work together, and she brought up a jalapeño eating contest and asked if we would have two agencies that would battle each other," said Parvin.

Parvin then reached out to the Canyon PD.

"She called us up and she said we challenge you to a jalapeño eating contest.

"Of course I didn't do it. We have three brave souls over here, and we accepted the challenge," Canyon PD Sergeant Carlos Hernandez said.

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