Amarillo PD, Texas Panhandle Centers unveil Intercept program

The Amarillo Police Department and Texas Panhandle Centers (TPC) are proud to announce the creation of a new partnered response to Behavioral Health in the Amarillo community called Intercept. 

Two mental health professionals from TPC will be dedicated to this program and ride alongside the Amarillo Police Department Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officers.  The two Intercept teams, one dayshift and one evening shift, will hit the streets beginning the week of August 13, 2018. 

The Intercept program is a teamwork approach to helping individuals with mental illness by providing them with the best resources and treatment available in our community.  Intercept team members will respond to current mental health events, but more importantly they will be cultivating relationships with individuals needing rapid connection and follow up care.

This program aims to provide early intervention to prevent unnecessary incarceration and hospitalization of those suffering from mental illness.  The Intercept program is one part of a larger collaboration to better serve the mental health concerns of our community. 

Other partners include Heal the City, Family Support Services, Dailey Recovery Service and Coalition of Health Services, Inc.  These partners have identified gaps in the local service system that can be met through collaboration and the strategic addition of treatment and transition support services. 

The creation of these initiatives is a result of Texas state grants provided by House Bill 13 which was sponsored by Amarillo’s own Texas State Representative Four Price.

Sgt. Jason Riddlespurger is the Coordinator for the C.I.T. and Intercept Program and he can be reached at (806)378-4032.

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