Edward James Olmos to headline AMA-CON 2018

AMA-CON was started by Friends of the Amarillo Public Library in 2012 and has grown into an event that is a gift to the Amarillo community and a significant fundraiser—allowing the Friends to continue their mission to support the Amarillo Public Library by providing funds for programs such as the Summer Reading Club, Amarillo Reads Community Reading Program, English as a Second Language and Citizenship Classes, STEM programs, and many other education and enrichment events planned by Library staff throughout the year.

This year's special guest Edward James Olmos. You may know him because of his work on critically acclaimed biopics such as Stand and Deliver or Selena, or beloved animated films like The Road to El Dorado and Coco.  Or you may know his television work on programs such as Miami Vice, The West Wing, Dexter, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or Battlestar Galactica.

Olmos is an Academy Award nominee, two-time Golden Globe winner, Emmy winner, and a Tony nominee.  His other accolades include the Saturn Award, Behind the Voice Award, ALMA award, and the Independent Spirit.

In addition to his celebrated acting career, Olmos is a noted humanitarian having worked with and contributed to organizations such as The United Way, ONE Campaign, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the National Wildlife Federation, the Thank You Ocean Campaign, and many others.

At AMA-CON 2018, Olmos will join other guests Nnedi Okorafor, Ronald L Smith, and Sabrina Symington on the Diversity in Pop Culture panel and offer a Q&A with fans.

Olmos will also present a keynote address on Saturday evening. This will be a separately ticketed event.  Tickets go on sale at noon today through Panhandle Tickets—and that will allow us to offer online AMA-CON tickets for the first time—as attendees will have the option to purchase a keynote ticket that includes a two-day admission to AMA-CON.

Here is the full schedule for AMA-CON 2018:

Saturday, August 4

11 AM AMA-CON opens to public Free play/gaming demos begin 40K Kill Team Sailor Moon (Viewing)
11:15 Superhero Yoga (Kids Room)
11:30 Great Panhandle Read Bracket Reveal (Panel 1)
12 PM Kids Cosplay (Regency) Magic the Gathering, Guild Ball, and Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments begin ReBoot (Viewing)
12:30 The Many Faces of Fiction—presented by Nnedi Okorafor (Hospitality)
1 PM Gaming Cosplay Prejudging (Regency) Language Creation—David J. Peterson (Panel 2) Motion Capture—David Matranga (Panel 1) ThunderCats (Viewing)
1:30 Photo Ops w/EJ Olmos (voucher) (Regency) Captain Underpants Stick Puppets (Kids Room) 2 PM Batman, The Animated Series (Viewing)
2:30 Diversity in Pop Culture (Auditorium) Nnedi Okorafor, Edward James Olmos, Ronald L. Smith, and Sabrina Symington. Moderator: Angela Allen
3 PM Gaming Cosplay (Regency)
3:30 How to Draw Chibi Characters with Amy West Sci-Fi/Steampunk Cosplay Prejudging (Regency) Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (Viewing)
4 PM Fan Fiction 101 Ashe Malkamaki (Panel Room 1) Tips for Online Content Creators —Sabrina Symington (Panel 2) Autographs/Selfies with EJ Olmos (voucher required) (Hospitality) Orthography for Kids w/ David J. Peterson (Kids)
5 PM The Business of Cosplay—SeeSee Casey and Cassie LeGrand (Panel 2) Attack on Titan/My Hero Academia (Viewing)
5:30 Sci-Fi/Steampunk Cosplay (Regency) Drawing Dynamic Facial Expressions —Amy West (Panel 1)
6 PM Voiceover Q&A—David Matranga (Panel 2)
7 PM North and South Exhibit Halls Close
7:15 Geek Prom (Regency)
7:30 USA: The World I’m Living In by EJ Olmos (Auditorium)
9 PM AMA-CON Closes

Sunday, August 5

12 PM AMA-CON opens to public Free play/gaming demos begin
12:15 Anime Cosplay Prejudging (Regency) Autographs/Selfies with EJ Olmos (voucher required) (Hospitality)
12:30 Storytelling—Amy West (Panel 1) The Business of Anime —D Matranga (Panel 2) My Neighbor Totoro (Viewing)
1 PM Star Wars Destiny and Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments
1:30 Comic Superheroes: Weirdest of the Weird Kevin Hill (Panel 2) Book Buddies & Unicorn Bookmarks (Kids)
2PM Edward James Omos Q&A (Hospitality) One Piece (Viewing)
2:30 Anime Cosplay (Regency) Q&A w/ David J. Peterson (Panel 1) Why I Write Children’s Lit—Ronald L Smith (Panel 2) Fairy Tail (Viewing)
3 PM Comics Cosplay Prejudging (Regency ) Soul Eater (Viewing)
3:30 Obstacle Course (Kids) Cosplay Music Videos with Josh Reed (Panel 2) Professional Artists Sketch-Off (Hospitality) Black Butler (Viewing)
4 PM Registration for Amateur Artists Sketch-Off (Hospitality) Disastrous Life of Saiki (Viewing)
4:30 Amateur Artists Sketch-Off (Hospitality) Comics Cosplay (Regency)
6 PM AMA-CON 2018 Closes

Admission prices:

Two-day pass: $8

One-day pass: $5

USA: The World I’m Living In by EJ Olmos: $10 or with included admission to Amarillo’s original pop culture convention, AMA-CON, for $15.

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