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Father and son accused of killing neighbor over trash re-arrested: Bonds raised to $250,000

An Abilene father and son accused of shooting and killing their neighbor during a fight about trash in the alley have been re-arrested after their bonds were raised to $250,000 each.

John Miller, 67, and Michael Miller, 37, were both released from jail the same day they were initially charged with the murder of Aaron Howard, 37. Their bonds were $25,000 each, but their bonds were raised after a motion was filed Friday morning.

Howard's girlfriend recorded video of the altercation between the Millers and Howard, which showed the men arguing about a box spring in the alleyway outside their home on the 4300 block of Don Juan Street. The altercation quickly escalated to murder.

"When the first shots were fired, Aaron had a bat in his hand and was approximately seven feet from John Miller, who was the closest to him. When Michael Miller discharged his shotgun and John Miller fired the final two rounds from his pistol, Aaron Howard was unarmed," a press release from the Abilene Police Department reveals.

The press release states the Millers later admitted to the crime, and detectives overseeing the case believes that "it is apparent from the video, combined with the interviews of the Millers, that they were tired of their neighbor, Aaron Howard, acting out and yelling and threatening them verbally."

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