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Former Sunray police chief and wife arrested: Possible ties to double homicide

The ex-girlfriend of a Sodus man who was shot and killed last week alongside his current girlfriend has been arrested.

Charlene Childers, 25, along with her current husband – Timothy Dean, 32, were both arrested – in separate states, and it all could be connected to the ongoing double-homicide investigation in New York state.

Childers is being held as a fugitive from justice in Wayne County, while her husband, is held on $1 million bond in Texas. The charges they face relate to a child injury case, which happened in May 2018.

Texas Rangers arrested Timothy Dean, who is the former police chief of Sunray, Texas, and charged him with a count of injury to a child. He’s being held at the Moore County Jail, according to officials.

Family told media that Childers had two children with Niles. However, law enforcement officials did not elaborate on how it all could be connected.

“Our investigation regarding the Monday, October 22nd double homicide in the Village of Sodus has and will continue. I have no other comments at this time as I do not want to compromise our ongoing investigative efforts,” Sheriff Barry Virts said.

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