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Local businessman announces candidacy for Randall County GOP chair

Brennan Leggett
On Friday, local Amarillo businessman Brennan Leggett announced he will be seeking the Randall County Republican Party chairmanship.

"I’m announcing my candidacy to run for Randall County Chairman. With the resignation of Chairman Harman a void is left.

"There is no one more prepared to fill this than me. I have the proven record of uniting, leading and winning.

"It’s time for our party to Regroup, Advance and Win. Politics is RAW and we must be ready here at home. With your support we can continue our values and principles with our Republican Party," Leggett said in a post on Facebook.

Terry Harman
Current Randall County Republican Party chairman Terry Harman announced his resignation on Monday. Harman plans to stay on the job until the November 6, 2018 mid-term elections, with his resignation becoming official on November 13.

Harman has served as the Randall County GOP chair since 2014.  He had won re-election to the position in March of this year.

Randall County GOP officials have not announced when a replacement for Harman will be chosen.

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