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Reactions to Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Thousands of people jammed an intersection amid light rain for a vigil Saturday evening for the victims of a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue earlier in the day. The gathering included prayers and singing in memory of those killed and wounded.

A neighbor of Robert Bowers, charged in Saturday's deadly synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, says he had a habit of watching TV late at night, but seemed like an "average 50-year-old dude."

A man who moved to Pittsburgh last year says he's stunned after a gunman barged into a baby-naming ceremony at his nearby synagogue Saturday, killing 11 and injuring six others. Roger Zimmerman described the shooting incident as "surreal."

President Donald Trump is responding to what he's calling the "devastating" shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, saying: "It's a 'terrible thing what's going on with hate in our country."

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