WTAMU professor polls students on Texas races

Dr. Dave Rausch
An online survey distributed to students at West Texas A&M University in early October inquired about student support for the candidates seeking to serve as Texas Governor and United States Senator from Texas. According to Dr. Dave Rausch, Bivins Professor of Political Science and professional student of elections/amateur pollster, “the results are not surprising.”

Out of 275 students responding to the survey, 46.91 percent indicated that they would vote for incumbent Governor and Republican Greg Abbott while 29.45 percent voiced support for former Dallas County Sheriff and Democrat Lupe Valdez. Almost 13 percent support the Libertarian candidate Mark Jay Tibbetts. Almost 7 percent revealed that, while registered to vote in Texas, they were not going to vote for governor. Several respondents stated that they did not know any of the candidates.

Mirroring the close race for United States Senator found in other polls, 45.99 percent of the respondents stated that they will vote for Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke. Almost 43 percent support Republican incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz. Not quite 7 percent will choose Libertarian Neal Dikeman. Almost 3 percent indicated that they will not vote for United States Senator.

Only one respondent indicated that “it was none of Rausch’s business.”

The two questions about the current campaigns are part of a larger survey examining political participation among WTAMU students. The results of that part of the survey will be examined at a later date.

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