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Canyon ISD Board of Trustees asking voters to decide $200 million bond proposal

The Canyon Independent School District Board of Trustees approved a bond proposal for nearly $200 million to serve the school district over the next 10 years. Voters will have the opportunity to approve or disapprove the proposal.

Canyon ISD officials and the planning committee said continued growth in the district is the main reasoning behind the proposed bond.

"Other districts in our area are not growing, and so for us, that means we have to keep up with more and more students coming into our district. We're being very frugal and being very careful, but doing what we need to do to accommodate all of the students coming into our district," Katharyn Wiegand, president of the Canyon ISD Board of Trustees, said.

"We've got some moderate growth in Canyon, but the growth specifically in south Amarillo, southwest Amarillo, there's tremendous growth there and ultimately, with that growth, we made a recommendation to the board to be proactive," Stuart Sutton, co-chair of the Long Range Planning Committee, said.

The proposed bond would fund the construction of new campuses in the district as well as the renovation of older schools.

"The school board has voted to move forward with the bond. Our capacity continues to decrease due to student enrollment, so we have a lot of kids coming to our schools and that limits how many open classrooms we have. So, this bond is to address the need for more classroom spaces.

"Rather than proposing bonds every few years, they said, 'what would be sustaining for a long period of time.' Due to the increased costs of construction, they escalate 5-10 percent each year, it is very cost effective to move forward and in a single step to maintain us for a minimum of 10 years, maybe even further," Dr. Darryl Flusche, superintendent of Canyon ISD, said.

The estimated financial impact of the total 2018 bond proposal is anticipated to be $.1284 for a total combined rate of $1.3534. An increase to homeowners tax bill based on the assumed net value of $161,194 would be a monthly cost of $17.24 a month or $206.93 yearly.

The 2018 Bond Package includes:

Two New Elementary Campuses (#9 and #10)

New High School (#3 High School)

Expand and renovate Randall West

Renovate Randall East back to a Junior High (#3 Junior High)

Renovate Existing Facilities

Sundown Lane Elementary

Canyon Intermediate

Canyon Junior High

Midway CTE Center

CHS Baseball and Softball (locker rooms, concession and restrooms)

CISD Manufacturing Academy Expansion

Adding internet connectivity between our campuses

Adding Activity Buses

Renovate Kimbrough Stadium (accessibility, restrooms, concession stand and fieldhouse)

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